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Stedman Bailey posts video of himself running routes

Back in November, Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey was shot twice in the head -- a horrifying event that left him in intensive care for roughly a month. Since then, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has maintained that any NFL future is secondary to a recovery, and that he hopes Bailey can get himself to a point where he's healthy.

On Tuesday, Bailey posted a video of himself running routes in Los Angeles.

Bailey, a 2013 third-round pick out of West Virginia, is not giving up on an NFL comeback despite the mountain of detractors in his path. There is no medical precedent for playing after such a traumatic incident, but Bailey's Instagram remains a hype channel for his progress.

He also posted this training video a week ago:

It really is incredible to see how far he's come in less than six months. To imagine where Bailey was emotionally back in November compared to now is pretty amazing. Even if he never makes it back, he made it so much farther than anyone could have imagined. At the moment, he is still on the Rams' roster.

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