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Staubach: Diggs' miracle makes up for 1975 Hail Mary

Forty-two years and one Minnesota Miracle later, Roger Staubach is hopeful Vikings fans are finally over the Hail Mary pass that stole a playoff win from Minnesota in 1975.

Staubach, who authored the throw to Drew Pearson that gave the Dallas Cowboys a 17-14 Divisional Round win over the Vikings in the mid-70s, thinks Stefon Diggs' improbable 61-yard touchdown to beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday should finally allow Minnesota fans to move on from their devastating playoff loss more than four decades ago.

"I kind of felt good for the Vikings for making up for the Hail Mary," Staubach told the St. Paul Pioneer Press this week. "If you're a Vikings player from the old days, it doesn't make up for it, but if you're a Vikings fan, you've got to feel good about that. So, now I might get booed a bit less, especially if the Vikings make the Super Bowl."

Staubach not only connected on the pass that lifted the Cowboys to the NFC Championship Game that year, but he also made the phrase "Hail Mary" synonymous with last-second desperation heaves, giving Vikings fans bad memories anytime that scenario presents itself on the football field.

Because of that, the Hall of Fame quarterback hasn't been able to go to Minnesota -- the site of Super Bowl LII -- without hearing it from the Vikings' faithful.

With Diggs' miracle Sunday, though, Staubach is hopeful that changes, even if it's only slightly.

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