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Start Palmer over Dalton? Week 8's toughest calls

The regular season is here. That means all of your roster decisions now come with significantly more gravitas. Every choice you make from here on out comes with a lot more consequences. That means it's important that you make the right call. In that case, it's good that you're here for Make the Right Call. What a coincidence, eh?

Who should I start: Andy Dalton or Carson Palmer?

This is a very tough call. Both quarterbacks have played outstanding football this season and been equally productive for fantasy enthusiasts. They also have equally favorable matchups this week, according to the stat sheets. In fact, I have them stacked one after the other in my rankings this week. But I do have Palmer just ahead of Dalton this week, so that's where I would lean in his debate. Chalk some of it up to the Bengals facing a division opponent that generally plays them tough. That's not to suggest that Dalton can't (or won't) have a productive week. I just believe that Palmer and the red-hot Redbirds will be a little bit better.

Should I trade Dez Bryant for Lamar Miller?

With how Lamar Miller performed in the past two weeks, it's understandable that you'd have to give up a lot to acquire him in a deal -- especially considering the lack of depth in the running back market. But I'm not comfortable dealing Dez Bryant for him. You've waited this long for Bryant to get back into your lineup and he always has the potential for a huge game anytime he's on the field. Along with DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones and Antonio Brown, Bryant is one of the true game-breakers at wide receiver. There is plenty of depth at the position, but I wouldn't recommend parting with a player who has such a huge weekly ceiling.

Who should I add: Darren McFadden or Alfred Blue?

Both of these running backs represent the "next man up" in their respective running games, but neither inspire a ton of confidence. McFadden had a nice 152-yard rushing game in Week 7 on 29 carries, but he backed into the job in many ways. He'd seen just 37 total carries in the previous five games. Run DMC was named the starter ... for now. Similarly, Alfred Blue seemed to be the rusher of choice in Houston when Arian Foster went down at the start of the season. We hope that holds true this time around, but there is still the specter of Chris Polk hanging around waiting to take snaps. I'd give the nod to McFadden because I have a little more faith in the Dallas offense -- especially if he can hold onto the job long enough for Tony Romo to return.

Who should I start: Gary Barnidge or Tyler Eifert?

Once a resident of the Danger Zone, Gary Barnidge has morphed into a weekly tight end start in most fantasy leagues. He's posted double-digits in four consecutive contests and is a huge part of the Cleveland passing game. However this week he faces an Arizona defense that has allowed the fewest points to tight ends this season. For as good as Barnidge has been, Tyler Eifert is right behind him in the rankings, and has a much better matchup against the Steelers. Pittsburgh has struggled mightily against tight ends, allowing almost 12 points per game to the position. This is the week to ball with the Bengal.

Should I drop Vincent Jackson or Kendall Wright?

These two players are in nearly identical situations -- inconsistent wideouts playing in up-and-down offenses with inconsistent rookie quarterbacks. Accordingly, their numbers are nearly identical through the first seven weeks of the season. The difference is that with the Titans playing in the AFC South, I have a little more faith in the matchups ahead for Kendall Wright. Especially considering his current injury situation, you can part ways with Vincent Jackson and go in peace.

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