Starr to lead Packers' potent all-time team

DALLAS --'s Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank break down the all-time rosters of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, two of the most storied -- and winningest -- franchises in NFL history. Rank is the home team, meaning he breaks down the Packers, and Dameshek puts together the ultimate Steelers team.

Here are the Packers (starters in caps):


**BART STARR**, Arnie Herber, Aaron Rodgers
Where is Brett Favre on this list? Well, we pulled the full-circle on Favre's career by sending him back to the Falcons, so he can be their all-time quarterback, edging out Steve Bartkowski. Not sure which Falcons all-timer we would want in exchange. But there is no surprise that you have to go with the all-time winners, Starr and Herber. Starr quarterbacked the most dominant team in NFL history (as evidenced by five NFL titles), so it is hard not to go with him here. And Rodgers has shown that he is pretty good at studying under Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks, so he will be groomed to be the eventual starter.

Running backs

**PAUL HORNUNG**, JIM TAYLOR (FB), Tony Canadeo, Johnny "Blood" McNallymcnally/profile?id=MCN103071), Ahman Green, Clarke Hinkle (FB)
The running duo of Hornung and Taylor would allow this Packers team to pound the ball almost at will. And when they have had enough, you can mix in Canadeo and McNally to go at it. Green is a pretty good third-down back, catching the ball out of the backfield. But I can't imagine a team this loaded being in too many third-and-long situations.

Wide receivers

**DON HUTSON**, JAMES LOFTON, Sterling Sharpe, Max McGee, Greg Jennings, Antonio Freeman, Boyd Dowler
That great running game means the safeties are going to have to cheat up to the front, meaning single-man coverage for Hutson, arguably the greatest receiver in the history of the NFL. Hutson was a big receiver, even by today's standards, but he was also the fastest man in the NFL. If the Steelers aren't able to jam him at the line, Mel Blount and Rod Woodson would get a pretty good look at the back of his jersey. I was able to catch up with Lofton this week and asked him how a potential matchup with the all-time Steelers would go. Lofton just smiled and said, "Mel Blount still can't cover me." I'll take him at his word.

Tight ends

**PAUL COFFMAN**, Ron Kramer, Ed West
The unheralded Coffman was a reliable receiver, which is all you really want right here.

Offensive line

Centers: JIM RINGO, Frank Winters

The Packers' famed sweep won't work against the Steelers because it takes too long to develop. No matter, this distinguished offensive line would allow the Packers to just plow the road against the Steelers. And once the Packers establish the run, the play action would doom the Steelers' 3-4 defense.

Defensive line

Ends: REGGIE WHITE, WILLIE DAVIS, Ezra Johnson, Lionel Aldridge
Tackles: HENRY JORDAN, GILBERT BROWN, Ron Kostelnik, Dave Hanner, Santana Dotson

With a pair of Hall of Famers on the ends, and big-bad Brown paired with Jordan, the Steelers would quickly abandon any hope of running the football. And that pass rush... these guys are strong enough to knock down Ben Roethlisberger.


**RAY NITSCHKE**, CLAY MATTHEWS, MIKE DOUGLASS, Ted Hendricks, John Anderson, Dave Robinson, Fred Carr
Nitschke is the most famed of the Packers' linebackers, but they have had a lot of quality 'backers during their history. Hendricks gets a spot on the roster, but can't put him into the starting lineup because he only stayed in Green Bay for one season.

Defensive backs

*Cornerbacks: HERB ADDERLEY, CHARLES WOODSON, Willie Buchanon, Ken Ellis, (Hutson)
Safeties: LeROY BUTLER, WILLIE WOOD, Mark Murphy, Johnnie Gray *
A Hall of Famer and a Heisman Trophy winner is not bad for a start at cornerback. And Buchanon was a defensive rookie of the year. The strong play of the defensive line allows Butler and Wood to help blanket Lynn Swann and John Stallworth. And while Hutson was one of the greatest receivers of all-time, he also was an accomplished defensive back, too.

Special teams

Punter: McGee
Returners: DESMOND HOWARD, Freeman

The only full-time kicker in the Hall of Fame and the only return specialist to win the Super Bowl MVP award. Having Howard give the Packers great field position after every punt seems almost unfair for this unit. And again, the Packers show some flexibility by having McGee double as the team's punter, allowing for more depth at other positions as the Packers wear down the Steelers.


Vince Lombardi
Tough break, Steelers. You aren't facing Bud Grant or Ray Malavasi here. Or Barry Switzer. Oops, that's right, you guys lost to Switzer. Regardless, you are going against the real deal, Lombardi.

Looking over this roster, it makes you shudder to think how dominant this team would be if Lombardi was able to mold them. Maybe we should make this fair for the Steelers and have Gregg serve as the player/coach.

Nah, the Steelers could use a little humbling.

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