Staggering Eagles' next test comes vs. 49ers

Why to watch
So, San Francisco comes into this one with the better record, and more stability at quarterback. Another week with a Michael Vick injury saga (if he plays, can he finish the game?), and the possibility that Vince Young gets his first action with the Eagles if Vick is knocked out again. One of the most experienced NFL staffs in the league faces the 49ers' more novice staff, which might be a factor on the road.

Inside story
The 49ers chose to spend the week after their win at Cincinnati in Youngstown, Ohio, rather than head back to California. There's no formula to handling that kind of travel, but I tend to believe it will be something of a factor either way. Frank Gore is a little beat up for the 49ers, and they're going to want to try to run the ball on the staggering Eagles.

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