Sports Legacy group tries to certify football helmet sensors

As football leaders debate whether to adopt concussion sensors in helmets, The Huntsville (Ala.) Times wrote about the Hit Count Certification Program, which has devised standards to evaluate makers of helmet sensors.

The program would be run by the Sports Legacy Institute, which has been proactive in concussion awareness programs.

One of the problems with sensors is not how they work, but how much they cost. The Huntsville Times report said that sensors packages can run from $90 to $250 -- and that's after the cost of the helmet, which runs about $250.

Another issue is whether coaches want to deal with sensors. The Huntsville Times report said Danny Crossman, CEO of Impakt Protective, discovered a lot of attendees at the American Football Coaches Association convention earlier this month were reluctant to try them.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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