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Spoiler Alert: Week 11

The Week 11 picks are coming, but a few things real quick ...

You may have noticed the 2014 NFC has the same issue as the NBA's Western Conference: It's got so many playoff-worthy teams, some playoff-worthy teams aren't going to make the playoffs. I've perused the remaining schedules of those teams I consider on the bubble (Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Lions, Niners, and Seahawks) and reached the following verdict on who's gonna miss out:


REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Cardinals (8-1), at Patriots (7-2), vs. Bears (3-6), vs. Buccaneers (1-8), vs. Vikings (4-5), at Bears (3-6), at Packers (6-3)

2-3 more losses
predicted result: 11-5

After the two road tests in Arizona and New England, the path is pretty easy 'til Week 17 in Lambeau.


REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Chiefs (6-3), vs. Cardinals (8-1), at 49ers (5-4), at Eagles (7-2), vs. 49ers (5-4), at Cardinals (8-1), vs. Rams (3-6)

2-4 more losses
Predicted Result: 10-6

Seattle re-established itself as a dominant running offense, but their upcoming slate is loaded with other teams who run the ball effectively. That's especially bad news given the loss of Mebane.


REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Packers (6-3), vs. Titans (2-7), at Cowboys (7-3), vs. Seahawks (6-3), vs. Cowboys (7-3), at Redskins (3-6), at Giants (3-6)

2-3 more losses
Predicted Result: 12-4

As long as they can split the head-to-heads with Dallas, Philly oughta hold on to win the division crown.


REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Giants (3-6), vs. Eagles (7-2), at Bears (3-6), at Eagles (7-2), vs. Colts (6-3), at Redskins (3-6)

1-2 more losses
Predicted Result: 11-5

Dallas has the easiest path of our sextet. Besides Indy and those two Eagles games, there's not much to fear.


REMAINING OPPONENTS: vs. Eagles (7-2), at Vikings (4-5), vs. Patriots (7-2), vs. Falcons (3-6), at Bills (5-4), at Buccaneers (1-8), vs. Lions (7-2)

1-3 more losses
Predicted Result: 12-4

Green Bay will be favored to win every game it plays from here on out. They may actually win 'em all, too.


REMAINING OPPONENTS: at Giants (3-6), vs. Redskins (3-6), vs. Seahawks (6-3), at Raiders (0-9), at Seahawks (6-3), vs. Chargers (5-4), vs. Cardinals (8-1)

1-3 more losses
Predicted Result: 10-6

The good news is, the Niners can theoretically not just make the playoffs, but win the division if they sweep their remaining NFC West games. The bad news is, reality has a way of overcoming theory in pro football.

In other words ...


  1. PACKERS 12-4
  1. EAGLES 12-4
  1. CARDINALS 11-5
  1. SAINTS 9-7
  1. LIONS 11-5
  1. COWBOYS 11-5

Then again, maybe Drew Stanton will play like John Skelton and the Cards will lose seven straight. Time will tell.

» For those asking, no, the NFL will not be enacting a rule abolishing the requirement every division has a playoff representative -- at least not in 2014. Therefore, the Falcons at Panthers game has huge playoff implications. Seriously.

» Over in the AFC, the Dolphins had the look of a playoff team in their essential Thursday night win. However, actually being a playoff team will be tough if eleven wins proves to be the minimum requirement for a ticket to January football in the AFC. Miami's still gotta go to Denver and Foxborough ... which means, barring a big upset, 10 wins appears to be their high-end potential. If my projection is accurate, Philbin & Co. will no doubt be haunted by those narrow losses to Green Bay and Detroit.

» On the bright side, free-agent-in-waiting(?) Jim Harbaugh probably feels differently about those two narrow Dolphins' losses.

» Miami may have earned the victory on the scoreboard against the Bills, but I think we can all agree their all-aqua getups were gross. What exactly is going on with the state of 2014 pro football uniforms in the state of Florida? Two-tone helmets, numbers in digital alarm clock font, and all that aqua. Blech! We must as a society pull together and put a stop to the garish grotesquery for the sake of our eyeballs ... and the eyeballs of our children.

» Random fantasy hunch: Robert Griffin III will have a big game (read: 25ish points) this Sunday against the lousy Bucs, whose best cover corner, Alterraun Verner, may not play. How confident am I? RGIII is my starting QB this week.

» By the way, RGIII still needs to take that No. 10 off his jersey and do the right thing already:

» I think Alabama will beat Mississippi State this weekend, and so do you.

» College basketball season is starting? No, no, no. Sorry, but it's just too soon. Let's put a pin in that idea and revisit it in a month or so. Thanks.

» Los Angeles doesn't have a pro football team yet (see ya soon, Rams!), but both its real and fake baseball teams now have 2014 MVPs. On the fake side (aka -- the haloed team that plays its games in Orange County), Mike Trout -- the best player in baseball -- finally was honored with the award he's deserved for each of the last three seasons. (By the by, Trout will be a dynamite running back in his next life.)

On the real side (aka -- the L.A. team that actually plays in L.A.), Clayton Kershaw rightly gets the MVP along with his third Cy Young. I bring this up to reiterate a point I made a couple months ago: Starting pitchers are every bit as valuable as "everyday players." Why? Because, over the course of a season, they pitch to roughly the same number of batters as batters have at-bats. Fairly obvious point, I know ... but a lot of people tweeted they'd never heard it made before. In other words, kudos to me!

» Speaking of baseball awards ... Where you at, Guys named Toby, Caleb and Seth? Even before Corey Kluber's Cy Young win, guys named Corey were putting you to shame in pro sports. If you haven't noticed, there's a stunning number of grownups named Corey thriving athletically. Here are my top five Coreys in sports:

  1. Dillon (11k+ yds rushing; Super Bowl champ)
    1. Perry (Stanley Cup, Hart Trophy and Olympic gold medal winner)
    2. Pavin (US Open and Ryder Cup winner)
    3. Kluber
    4. Maggette (once involved in a trade that included Beno Udrih, Jimmer Fredette and Bismack Biyombo)

I hope and trust this list will light a fire under Misters Liuget (of the San Diego Liugets) and Lemonier (of the Bay Area Lemoniers) to strive for ascension among their fellow Coreys.

» The saddest sight in football remains the middle-aged fan in team-colored face paint, a Cheesehead, or a plastic Bronco-shaped hat walking dejectedly out of the stadium after a loss. However, Mario Williams and his demonic red eyes provided us with a close second in the closing minutes of a losing Thursday night effort for Williams' team.

And now, with those essential thoughts out of the way ... let's get to the games ...

WARNING: Do NOT continue reading if you don't want to know the final scores of the Week 11 games. (1-0 this week, 9-4 last week, 94-53-1 on the season)

J. Jones: 2 TDs
G. Olsen: 2 TDs

A. Barr: 2.5 sacks
A. Jeffrey: 8 rec, 130 yds, 2 TDs

D. Hopkins: 70-yd TD rec
B. Hoyer: 3 INTs

M. Lynch: 26-98 yds, TD
J. Charles: 128 yds/scrimmage, TD

J. Hill: 18-105 yds, TD
J. Graham: 2 TDs

C. Hyde: 10-65 yds, TD
E. Manning: 2 INTs

D. Thomas: 9 rec, 130 yds, TD
STL D: 8 sacks

V. Jackson: 7 rec, 100 yds
D. Jackson: 3 rec, 120 yds, TD

OAK: - null -
P. Rivers: 25-30, 350 yds, 4 TDs

M. Stafford: 2 INTs
D. Stanton: TD, INT

M. Sanchez: 22-40, 280 yds, 2 TDs, 2 INTs
E. Lacy: 15-85 yds, 2 TDs

R. Gronkowski: 8 rec, 90 yds, TD
D. Allen: 4 rec, 60 yds, 2 TDs

L. Bell: 130 yds/scrimmage
K. Wright: 6 rec, 100 yds, TD

Enjoy the Week 11 games! I hope your team wins (unless they're playing my team).

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