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Spielman says Minnesota Vikings had other offers for No. 3 pick

Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman rebuffed the notion that he "fleeced" the Cleveland Browns by trading the No. 3 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, allowing them to select former Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

In the wake of Friday's first big draft-day deal, some reports speculated that the Browns could have taken Richardson with the No. 4 pick they originally held because the Vikings were bluffing about other possible trades.

"We did have offers on the table, I can tell you that. I'm not going to tell you who or what. But I will say Cleveland did the right thing," Spielman told the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Monday.

"I think both teams benefited from that trade," Spielman said. "Cleveland got a very unique running back (Trent Richardson), and it's very important for their offense -- and I think we were able to accomplish what we wanted."

The Vikings took former USC left tackle Matt Kalil with the No. 4 pick. They also received fourth-, fifth- and seventh-round picks from the Browns.

Spielman sounded quite pleased with the choice of Kalil.

"You look at the free-agent market every year," he told the newspaper. "You've seen some pretty good receivers who hit the market this year. You've seen some corners who hit the market this year. But I can't remember when a premier left tackle ever has been out there to hit the market. That's the other piece of it that you think about."

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