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Speed of Jaylen Waddle, Tyreek Hill will help 'open up different things' in Dolphins offense

Importing Tyreek Hill to pair with Jaylen Waddle offers the Miami Dolphins the fastest receiver duo in the NFL.

Waddle noted Wednesday that all that speed threatening the defense would open up the offense.

"Honestly, we all know Cheetah is fast," Waddle said, via The Palm Beach Post. "I'm known for being a speed guy. I think it's something that's going to be helpful to open up different things in the offense. Just knowing they have to respect the vertical threat."

Speed deep only helps if the defense believes you'll use it to burn them. That puts the onus on Tua Tagovailoa to take and make shot plays early in the season to make defenses respect the threat. If, as he did most of last year behind a porous offensive line, he continually takes the shorter routes, defenses will constrain the field.

But it's not only deep speed where Hill and Waddle will make a difference. Their ability to run after the catch, and burn defenses with the ball in their hands, will have defenders on skates mid-play.

Before the season starts, Waddle and Hill will have a high-profile race to earn the title of fastest on the team.

"You just can't race a cheetah straight up. You got to sneak up on him," Waddle quipped. "We're going to race when all of y'all (the media) get up there and race. We gotta see who's fastest up there."

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