Spanos: Keeping Jackson and Tolbert would have limited team

Many San Diego Chargers fans have been lamenting the loss of wide receiver Vincent Jackson and running back Mike Tolbert. And Chargers president Dean Spanos feels their pain.

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"Speaking specifically of Vincent, we clearly would've loved to have him back, but he chose to move on," Spanos said on the Chargers' official website. "If we had signed him, I think it would've really limited our ability to sign four or five of the free agents that we did get."

The Chargers signed former New Orleans Saints receievr Robert Meachem to replace Jackson's productivity. Meachem had 40 receptions for 620 yards last season. By comparison, Jackson had 60 receptions for more than 1,106 yards.

"I understand how the fans feel. I get it. Those are two players we would love to have had back," Spanos said. "We surely made an attempt to get those players signed, but there comes a point where if you sometimes sign one player, you might limit yourself and your ability to get a host of other important players."

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