Source: Redskins offered Haynesworth to Eagles

The Redskins offered defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in trade talks for Donovan McNabb, according to league sources.

Haynesworth, who clashed with coaches during his first season in Washington in 2009 and has not made a good first impression with new coach Mike Shanahan, is someone who could be had in a trade, and he was offered to the Eagles.

Other coaches said that they expect the Redskins to continue attempts to move Haynesworth, who is bucking the idea of playing nose tackle as Washington plays more 3-4 defense, according to sources. Haynesworth just received a $21 million bonus at the start of the month, and his salary would make dealing him very difficult.

The Eagles had no interest in trading for Haynesworth outright, according to a source, and thus the subject of how much of his salary and bonus payments the Redskins would be willing to absorb was never discussed. When the Redskins brought up Haynesworth they offered no financial stipulations, according to the source, but had the Eagles shown interest that matter may have come up.

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