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Some little-known facts about quarterbacks in the draft

Did you know ...

» Since 1967, only one year (1988) has no quarterback been selected in the first two rounds. In 1988, Chris Chandler was selected in the third round by the Indianapolis Colts. Chandler went on to lead the 1998 Falcons to Super Bowl XXXIII.

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» In the 1958 and 1993 drafts, two quarterbacks were selected from the same school (King Hill and Frank Ryan from Rice). Hill played 12 years and Ryan 13 years. In 1993, Mark Brunell was a fifth-round pick and Billy Joe Hobert was taken in the third round -- both from the University of Washington. Brunell is still playing.

» Since 1970, six quarterbacks selected No. 1 overall have started on teams that have won a total of 13 Super Bowls: Terry Bradshaw (4), Troy Aikman (3), Jim Plunkett, (2), John Elway (2), Peyton Manning (1) and Eli Manning (1).

» Joe Montana was the 82nd player selected in 1979 and Tom Brady was the 199th player selected in 2000, but they have won a combined seven Super Bowls.

» In 1999, five quarterbacks were selected in the top 12 picks of the draft. Three are no longer in the NFL: Tim Couch (No. 1 overall), Akili Smith (No. 3) and Cade McCown (No. 12). Donovan McNabb, taken second overall, is thriving with the Eagles, while Daunte Culpepper, taken No. 11 overall, is playing for Detroit.

» University of California head coach Jeff Tedford has coached six quarterbacks drafted in the first round: Aaron Rodgers, Joey Harrington, Akili Smith, Kyle Boller, David Carr and Trent Dilfer.

» From 1999-2008 (10 drafts), 14 quarterbacks were taken in the top 10. Nine remain with the team that drafted them (including Michael Vick), and two are no longer in the NFL.

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