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So you think you know fantasy football!

Okay, fantasy experts, it's your turn to shine!

Our mission here at is to help you become the most competitive fantasy owner possible in that ultimate quest for a championship, but we also know there are many of you out there who claim to be experts in your own right.

So now's your time to help the less fortunate. If you could offer one game-changing or season-changing tip that has helped you find success, what would it be?

And we're not talking about advice like, "draft lots of running backs."

We're looking for those special secrets that separate the winners from the losers, the champions from the runners-up. Though the 2008 fantasy season just recently ended, we're already begun working on our 2009 Fantasy Preview magazine.

If you're generous enough to offer up some great tips here, we will use the best advice in our magazine.

Simply use the comments section below or send us an email and include your full name, city and state (or country) to show off your guru side!

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