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Snoop asks Peyton questions at Super Bowl presser

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Not unlike Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Denver's Peyton Manning has endured plenty of ridiculous questions this week.

Good thing he had Snoop Dogg to save the day during Thursday's final meeting with the media before Super Bowl 50.

The iconic rapper made an appearance during Manning's early morning press conference to offer up a critical query.

"Peyton, Snoop Dogg from the Rich Eisen Show," he said. "First of all, can I get a 50 percent discount on Papa John's pizzas when I'm in the state of Colorado?"

"Absolutely," replied Peyton. "Absolutely."

Snoop wasn't finished.

"Second question is, for this big game right here, is it fair to say that you're getting advice from Archie and Eli?"

Manning played ball, saying: "Well, Snoop, I've always enjoyed my conversations with my dad (Archie) and (brother and Giants passer) Eli as far as things that have to do with the NFL. I had dinner with Eli the other night and he and I talked about a lot of things, but certainly he played against these guys (the Panthers) earlier in the year, and we've talked about the practice routine and kind of the setup. So he's great to bounce ideas off of.

"My dad's always been a great sounding board for me throughout my lifetime," said Peyton. "And so I'm very grateful to have both those guys that have played in the NFL ... to be able to talk to, so I feel very fortunate."

Half-priced pizzas and heat-seeking questions. Snoop just put the cherry atop Super Bowl Week.

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