Sneak peek at the 'Madden NFL 25' ratings

We are inching ever so close to the release of "Madden NFL 25" on Aug. 27. And by the way, if you haven't already requested this day off from work, what are you waiting for? Clear your schedule right now.

In anticipation of the release, we managed to grab EA Sports ratings czar Donny Moore, who was able to give us a quick glimpse at some of the upcoming marks for the Silver Edition of the game.

Here is a quick look at the ratings (with the rankings from NFL Network's "Top 100 Players of 2013" listed parenthetically).


1t. Aaron Rodgers: 98 (6)
1t. Tom Brady: 98 (4)
3. Peyton Manning: 97 (2)
4. Drew Brees: 96 (11)
5. Matt Ryan: 94 (17)

» The biggest question might be: Where are all the second/third-year starters? Moore says they need a little bit more seasoning. Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick each earned an 89, while Andrew Luck drew an 88.

» Michael Vick and RG3 are your fastest quarterbacks, with a 92 speed rating. Kaepernick has 88 speed, but 91 acceleration. (Yes, Kaepernick's epic playoff effort against the Green Bay Packers factored into these high marks.)

» Wilson has a sexy deep ball, but Manning boasts the highest deep-ball rating at 89.

» The clutch switch is on for Peyton -- as if he's Eli or something. You know who doesn't receive clutch status? Tony Romo. Which isn't a surprise. What is a surprise: Andrew Luck's clutch-free. But if he continues to rally the Indianapolis Colts like he did last year, that should change quickly.

» Wilson's height doesn't factor into the game. If he can play, he can play.

Running back

  1. Adrian Peterson: 99 (1)
    1. Marshawn Lynch: 96 (24)
    2. Arian Foster: 95 (8)
      4t. Ray Rice: 94 (13)
      4t. Jamaal Charles: 94 (20)

» No surprise that Peterson is the top running back. He was the top overall player on NFL Network's Top 100. Nobody in the game has a perfect 100 rating, but after last season, Peterson probably deserves at least a 104.

Wide receiver

  1. Calvin Johnson: 99 (3)
    2t. Andre Johnson: 97 (14)
    2t. Brandon Marshall: 97 (27)
    1. A.J. Green: 94 (16)
      5t. Roddy White: 93 (39)
      5t. Wes Welker: 93 (44)

» Marshall's 97 rating might surprise some people. And Julio Jones' absence probably raises some eyebrows. (Though Jones' lack of experience is the likely culprit here.)

Tight end

  1. Rob Gronkowski: 98 (25)
    2t. Jason Witten: 96 (41)
    2t. Jimmy Graham: 96 (NR)

» NFL players don't view Graham as a top-100 guy, but EA Sports gave him the fifth-highest mark among all receivers/tight ends.

Offensive line

  1. Evan Mathis: 98 (NR)
    2t. Joe Thomas: 97 (28)
    2t. Marshal Yanda: 97 (NR)
    2t. Andy Levitre: 97 (NR)
    1. Joe Staley: 96 (78)

» See, nobody knows how to judge offensive linemen.

*For a more in-depth look at the Madden ratings, be sure to check out Episode No. 180 of the Dave Dameshek Football Program. *

Adam Rank is's resident Madden expert. (If such a thing could exist.) Challenge him to a game on Twitter.

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