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Smith: Falcons confident in 'reasoning behind' OT gamble

Mike Smith has moved on, even if the talking heads haven't.

By now, we've all seen the upshot of the Falcons' fourth-and-1 overtime gamble Sunday against the Saints.

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"NFL Replay" will re-air the Saints' 26-23 overtime win over the Falcons on Wednesday, Nov. 16

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From his own 29-yard line, Smith sent Michael Turner into the heart of the Saints' defense. The running back was stuffed cold, handing the ball to New Orleans, which banged a short field goal through the uprights to win the affair.

Smith's decision has generated fierce debate. Statistical nerdlings have emerged from their mother's basement to support or decry the move, but it was Smith's call, and he doesn't regret it.

"I don't really want to rehash it," Smith told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Monday. "I think I did a pretty good job last night talking about the reasoning behind it. ... They stopped the play that we called. Unfortunately, we didn't execute it the way we wanted to and we didn't get the job done."

Atlanta (5-4) sits 1½ games behind New Orleans (7-3) in the NFC South, with the teams slated to meet again Dec. 26.

"We just have to handle our business and make sure that we don't get into a funk," Turner told the newspaper. "We still only have four losses."

Without a doubt, Sunday's won't soon be forgotten.

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