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Six reasons to play fantasy football on

There are plenty of great options on which to play fantasy football. But none of them offer all that can. As you decide where/when to start your draft, and on which site to host it, here are six reasons why your decision should begin and end at Fantasy:

1) Integrated highlights

Fantasy is great, and winning in fantasy is even better. You know what makes winning even more rewarding? Having your best players' highlights served up to you through the fantasy game. You can make your friend watch them over and over and over again.

2) Live game-tracking and predictions

No site offers as clean of a feature as the NFL Fantasy in-game game center, that tracks your points scored and tries to project a winner based on your players and their minutes remaining. If your significant other pulls you into some sort of event on Sunday night, your anxiety can take a back seat when the game center shows you have a comfortable lead.

3) Fantasy Scout

Get customized analysis, predictions and metrics to help you destroy your friends in fantasy RIGHT HERE.

4) Phenomenal expert analysis

Come on, like I wasn't going to toot our own horn a bit?

5) A handy mobile app

Few people are able to watch games on Sunday with a laptop in front of them, and our mobile app syncs up with all of your NFL Fantasy teams to provide you up-to-the-minute access and info that you can search through with ease.

6) It's the official game of the National Football League

You love the product on TV on Sundays, why not support it with the official fantasy game of the NFL? That just makes too much sense.

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