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Sitton: I didn't stick it to Packers by signing with Bears

After eight years of going steady with the Green Bay Packers, Josh Sitton got dumped. He immediately started going with his neighbor.

After inking a three-year, $21.75 million deal with rival Chicago Bears, Sitton insisted it wasn't about getting back at his former employer.

"Honestly, it didn't have anything to do with sticking it to the Packers," he said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "More familiar with the division, close to where I was."

The Packers have been quiet about the reasons for releasing the three-time Pro Bowler. Speculation about the lack of a long-term deal is about as close as any beat writer has come to clarifying the situation.

Sitton said proximity to Green Bay and familiarity with the division were reasons he decided to move to Chicago after years of bitter battles.

"It was the closest place for me so I guess it was pretty easy," Sitton said. "You know, it's only 2 1/2 hours from home or from Green Bay. So, that was actually kind of a factor. It was quick and it made more sense to get to do this one first."

Sitton really is all about the weather.

With Sitton and Kyle Long, the Bears now have one of the top guard tandems in the NFL -- and are paying a pretty penny for it. Sitton will solidify the interior and help a shaky center position. The Bears ground game should also open holes for running back Jeremy Langford, which will be a big boon for the second-year back who struggles to break tackles.

"The business side is always the first determining factor," Sitton said. "But I think Coach Fox is building a team that can win here. I like staying in the same climate. I like playing on grass; obviously, I've been doing that my whole career. I like that aspect, and I'm familiar with the division."

Those are fine reasons but remember: location is 74 percent about the weather.

"I like the weather up here," Sitton deadpanned. "It's too damn hot in the South."

True dat.

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