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Sintim leaks photos of supposed Giants Super Bowl ring

New York Giants linebacker Clint Sintim seemed to have jumped the gun in his rush to show off what might be his Super Bowl ring.

On Thursday, Sintim tweeted photos of rings that appeared to commemorate the Giants' Super Bowl XLVI win over the New England Patriots, noting that the shots were a "sneak preview!"

The three-year veteran from the University of Virginia later removed the tweet and wrote, "Saw the ring online not official yet ... official release will be presented by Giants organization ... Sorry."

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck said the design was still a work in progress. Asked to verify the authenticity of the ring Sintim tweeted, Giants vice president of communications Pat Hanlon said he was unsure if the team's jewelry had been finished.

"It's under design, I know," Hanlon said, according to the New York Post. "I do not know if it's been finalized."

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