Simple rules for drafting a fantasy football team

Draft RBs early. In a quarterback league, the most precious commodity is what's rarest: productive running backs. Gold is valuable because it's hard to find. Rocks, conversely, have no value because they're ubiquitous. In fantasy football 2013, QBs are rocks. Get yourself some gold early (like in the first two rounds ... with a couple exceptions we'll get to in a sec), then pick up a rock when it's convenient.

Draft Jimmy Graham. I know I just said take a running back in the first round, but if the Saints TE is available between picks 11 and 24 (in a 12-team league), grab him. There are a lot of other big names at the position, but they each come with asterisks: Tony Gonzalez? He's so old he already retired. Antonio Gates? He's got a potbelly? Gronk? Between the surgeries and the dancing, who knows if he'll be able to fit in some receptions. Graham, meanwhile, will once again be Drew Brees' favorite target ... without any asterisks.

Avoid the spread-option guys. As early as last November, we were told defensive coordinators would solve -- or at least slow -- the league's new fad. Have they? We won't know until September ... and if you've invested too heavily in, say, Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson, your team is in trouble.

Don't draft Tony Romo. Yes, Dallas has a real shot at the NFC East title this year. (Yes, we say that every year.) This time around, though, the Cowboys seem to understand a more balanced offense is critical. That means fewer throws for Romo, who -- even under the best of circumstances -- is a weekly hit-or-miss proposition. He may finish the season in the top eight or so QBs, but there are too many games when he delivers single digits.

Try an auction league. I predict once you give a shot, you'll never go back.

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