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Signs your fantasy football season is in trouble

This was going to be your year. As soon as the NFL Draft wrapped up in May, you began studying rosters for sleepers. This was the year you would dominate your fantasy league. It only started looking better when everything fell according to plan in your draft. No one was going to stop you this time.

Uh, yeah ... about that.

Injuries, poor performances and failed draft picks caused the losses to pile up. Now you're 2-6 and in need of a miracle to make the playoffs. Where did it go wrong? Well, we have a few explanations for how your fantasy season went left.

Ring the alarm. You forgot about the time of your draft and got stuck with an auto-drafted team. You knew it would be a struggle with the likes of Reggie Bush and Vincent Jackson. But at least the autopicker nailed it with your first two picks -- LeSean McCoy and Pierre Garcon.

Rookie moves. You tried to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of a deep rookie class. Sure everyone laughed on draft day, but who would be laughing when your team rolled to a championship led by Bishop Sankey, Mike Evans and especially Johnny Manziel? Yep, still everyone else.

RB redux. You've had every Panthers running back on your roster at some point this season.

Commitment to mediocrity. With Maurice Jones-Drew back home in the Bay Area and sporting a huge chip on his shoulder, he was sure to get back to being the dynamic running back he'd been in the past. But for good measure, you did the smart thing and handcuffed him with Darren McFadden.

Bye, bye, bye. You failed to notice that there were six teams on a bye in Week 4 and half of your starting lineup was idle. In a related story, you picked a bad weekend to go to your cousin's wedding at a remote ranch without wi-fi.

Legion of Oops. Landing the Seahawks defense in the ninth round was an absolute steal. After signing huge deals, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas were certain to be even better than they were in 2013.

#Belitricks. #Belitricks.

Dead letter file. You once wrote a long, tearful letter to Jim Harbaugh.

RB redux, part deux. You've had every Rams running back on your roster at some point this season.

Trade deficits. After rushing for 100 yards against the 49ers in Week 1, you decided to sell high on DeMarco Murray and swung a trade for Calvin Johnson. After all, there was certainly no way Murray was going to stay healthy. And when's the next time you could count on getting a 100-yard rushing game from the guy?

Roster impaIRment. You currently have more draft picks on injured reserve than on your fantasy roster.

Catching cold. Young and underrated fantasy receivers were going to be the key to your fantasy success this year. With Michael Crabtree, Torrey Smith and Cordarrelle Patterson on your roster, what could go wrong?

Breakout breakdown. A new wide receiver, two new running backs and a veteran backup to push him in training camp. There's no way Geno Smith doesn't take off this season.

RB redux and the Last Crusade. You've had every Falcons running back on your roster at some point this season.

Case of the Mondays. You've made more than one appearance in the #MondayNightmare.

Of course, it seems like the fantasy world is against you. But that's no reason to quit. There's still time for things to turn around. You never know how the season will end. In fact, Matt Franciscovich has 10 reasons why you should fight to the finish in your league.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for and a man who has been plagued by #Shanahanigans, #Belitricks and the #RubiksKubiak in various seasons. Tweet him about what frightens you in fantasy or ask fantasy football questions @MarcasG.

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