Sights, sounds from Super Bowl LIII Opening Night

The countdown to Super Bowl LIII officially kicked off Monday evening with Opening Night in Atlanta. Players and coaches from the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams were thrown into the media madness. And they didn't disappoint.

Tom Brady, who's been playing in this game since Jared Goff was seven years old, wouldn't budge when asked if he had any words of wisdom for his QB counterpart.

"I'm not giving him any advice. You crazy?" Brady said. "No, they got a great team. I got to go against that guy (gestures toward Rams CB Aqib Talib) all night, so that's who I'm concerned about. And I know how great of a player he is. They got a great defense, best D-line in the league, a couple of the best interceptors who might have ever played in this game. So I got my work cut out for me."

In response, Goff unwittingly turned Brady's experience into a dig on his age, when asked if he recalled Super Bowl XXXVI between the Patriots and Rams.

"To be honest, I don't. I was too young," Goff remarked. "I probably wasn't into football at that point. I remember whichever one it was when you were playing Carolina, I do remember that one."

Here's a sampling of what else is going down:

Andrew Whitworth on the Pats having more Super Bowl experience than the Rams

"Probably throughout the week it gives them an advantage because they know this week, they know when things are a little anxious, when to turn it on and get ready to play, and probably have a process and a plan for the week. But I'm just a firm believer that when you get out there and you snap that football, at some point the nerves are going to go away and you're going to have to settle in and be the team you are."

Todd Gurley on not breaking LaDainian Tomlinson's single-season TD record

"I thought I'd let him keep his record. I thought I'd let him keep his record. So maybe next year, L.T. I guess things didn't finish out as strong as they started. But I'm here at the Super Bowl, so that's all that matters."

Rob Gronkowski jokes about Super Bowl extracurriculars

"We got Shaq's fun house Friday night. Who says I'm not going to his party? ... I'll probably be on his shoulders again. It's just two days before the Super Bowl, I'll probably be there until 5 a.m."

Bill Belichick isn't here for the Aaron Donald-Lawrence Taylor comps

"Aaron Donald's a great football player, but I wouldn't put anybody ahead of Lawrence Taylor. Lawrence did it all for 13 years. He dominated. ... Taylor's the best player I've ever seen, certainly the best one I've ever coached."

Goff on teammate and Rams punter Johnny Hekker

"If Johnny wasn't such a good punter he might be playing quarterback in the NFL."

Marcus Peters on how the Rams' roster quickly meshed

"It's been flowin', huh? Y'all was low-key was hating on us, huh?... Y'all said a young dude like Sean McVay couldn't get it done. I think, it just goes back to everybody having the ultimate goal. Everybody wanted to win, and when winning is part of your goal, and you trust and believe in the person next to you, you go to work and you get it done. All the rest of the stuff you kind of block it out and focus on your goals. Our goals were to come in, win the division, we did that, we checked that off. We wanted to make it to the playoffs, get a first-round bye, we did that, checked it off. We wanted to win the divisional round, we checked it off. We wanted to win the Conference Championship, checked it off. Now we here at the Super Bowl, man, we get an opportunity to go against one of the greatest teams of all time, one of the greatest organizations of all times, that is to say. And a great quarterback like Tom Brady, what a better stage then to go out there and put our talents on display."

Brady on his film prep prior to a Super Bowl

"I could never watch enough. The more I watch, the more I see, the more I can understand, the more confident I can become, in a way. And I try to watch as much as I can this week."

Belichick talks basketball

"I love Charles Barkley. That guy is one of the most impressive people I've ever met. To lead the league in rebounding at 6-foot-4 is incredible."

Brady to NFL Network's Willie McGinest on people being skeptical of the Pats this year

"I think it's really about what we think we can do. I think one thing we've talked about over the years with our team is ignore the noise. We use everything to motivate us. I feel like for a long time people have expected us to do so well and those are good expectations to have but also unrealistic a little bit at times. But I really feel like this team came together when we needed to. ... The book hasn't ended; there's one chapter left and hopefully we can make it a great chapter."

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