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Sherman wants media fired for knocking Seahawks

Winners of four straight, the surging Seahawks are the hottest team in the league west of the Carolina Panthers -- and they'll make sure you know about it, too.

"Seattle Seahawks, back to doing what they do,"Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman said after Sunday's 35-6 whipping of the Ravens, per The News Tribune. "Let's call all those people who wrote us off -- and call for their jobs."

Nearly everything went right for the 'Hawks on Sunday, with quarterback Russell Wilson tossing a whopping five touchdowns to extend his pristine streak over the past four games to 16 scores alongside zero picks.

For the second week in a row, Seattle also kept their opponent out of the end zone, prompting defensive lineman Michael Bennett to echo Sherman's jab at the press.

"Remember the stories y'all were writing!" Bennett shouted in the locker room as scribes earning peanuts filtered in. "You've got to write good stories now."

The only ugly elements to Sunday's romp? The loss of rookie runner Thomas Rawls to a season-ending ankle injury -- and the completely predictable testiness from a star-filled roster that, honestly, hasn't been doubted by many.

Way back in early November, NFL Media's Conor Orr declared that Seattle would storm back in the NFC to finish with double-digit wins and coast into the playoffs with ease.

"Can't we all just see Richard Shermanlecturing us at the end of December," wrote Orr, "reminding us all 'I told you so?'"

It's no surprise to see Sherman bent out of shape on some crusade over a lack of respect. Even after multiple Pro Bowl and All-Pro nods, the endless stream of recognition apparently isn't enough.

As for his team, they were hardly dismissed, not after Seattle turned a 4-3 mark last season into a Super Bowl berth. The Panthers can argue that writers have been slow to warm up to their torrid barrage through the NFC, but similar straw-man arguments from the white-hot 'Hawks feel especially tired in 2015.

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