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Sherman calls story on Seahawks' discord 'nonsense'

Richard Sherman strongly dismisses the reported discord within the Seattle Seahawks' locker room.

On Thursday, ESPN's Seth Wickersham dropped an in-depth story detailing the growing strained relationship between offensive and defensive players dating back to before their Super Bowl XLIX loss to the Patriots. Within the story, Wickersham cited sources both on and off the record giving a glimpse inside the locker room.

Sherman was the focal point of the article and his inability to get over Malcolm Butler's title-shifting interception.

"He's always looking at what other people are doing," a former Seahawks assistant coach told Wickersham about Sherman. "He's made it personal. It's your fault we're not winning. It wears guys thin."

That was just one of the many points in an article that suggested a rift between Sherman, Russell Wilson and other Seahawks.

"Sherman, who like Wilson declined comment for this story, thinks [Pete] Carroll hasn't held Wilson or many young Seahawks to the defense's championship standard," Wickersham wrote. "He's been disillusioned not only by that single play (Butler's interception) more than two years earlier but also by his coach's and quarterback's response to it."

Speaking on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Thursday, Sherman rejected the premise of the story.

"It's just a bunch of nonsense from 'anonymous' sources. Can never put much gravity of things like that," Sherman said.

Seattle teammate Michael Bennett also disputed the article, tweeting at ESPN: "this article is trash and should be on TMZ. It's all gossip, I'm surprised this came from you."

Added Bennett: "I love (Russell Wilson). Great teammate and friend and even better human. I was at his house last week and he gave me BBQ ribs."

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