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Sherman calls Niners fans mediocre for being 'vulgar'

Last time the Seattle Seahawks bested the San Francisco 49ers, Richard Sherman emphatically used the term "mediocre" to describe Niners receiver Michael Crabtree.

In his post game press conference Thursday night after the Seahawks' 19-3 rout, the cornerback -- who had two interceptions -- was asked if there was anything "mediocre" about San Francisco this time around.

"Yeah, their fans," he said, per The (Tacoma, Washington) News Tribune. "Their fans. Their fans were. Their fans, you know, threw a few jabs. And then someone of them threw a glass bottle at the end, as we were jogging in."

Many fan bases have a small, vocal faction that can take things overboard, and surely it wasn't the majority of 49ers fans crossing the line Thursday. However, it was clearly a point Sherman wanted to make. He also mentioned the Niners fans in his midfield, turkey-filled interview with NBC's Michele Tafoya directly after the game, during which he said 49ers fans were being "vulgar."

"You know you never have to resort to name-calling and some of the things they said," Sherman continued at his press conference. "It really just help you appreciate your own fans. It helps you appreciate the 12th Man and how classy an organization we have and how classy our fans are -- and how they stay through the whole game regardless of the outcome."

Sherman said he noticed some of those same 49ers fans he had qualms with leaving early in the blowout.

"Yeah," Sherman said, "I waved them goodbye."

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