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Sherman, Andrew Luck help their local communities

It's not long before NFL players report to their respective training camps, but more than a few are still doing good things for the community on their time away.

Over the weekend, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck headlined an event in Bloomington, Ind., to promote healthy activities among young children.

"It's always nice," he told The Indy Star. "The most important thing is, we're having fun, and then learning something in the process."

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Shermanput on a star-studded softball game that benefitted Sherman's Blanket Coverage Family Foundation as well as other local charities. Blanket Coverage provides students in low-income areas with clothing and supplies for school.

It's easy to get lost in the blur of an NFL season and forget that, like all of us, these people are working for a living almost all year round. Amid those constant workouts and study sessions, they still find time to do some good for the community.

Of course, singling out Sherman and Luck isn't exactly fair. Hundreds of NFL stars have held camps and benefits this summer when they could have been finding time to relax. On a slow NFL Monday, it's a good time to remember those who did.

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