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Sheldon Richardson to Geno Smith bashers: Shut up

Sheldon Richardson has something to say to the thousands of New York Jets fans -- piqued with the play of Geno Smith -- who broke out in chants of "We want Vick!" on Sunday.

"Shut up," Richardson said after New York's 24-17 loss to the Lions, per "If that's the case, produce a child to make it to the NFL and then let's see what he got. Other than that, just shut up."

Smith's third consecutive ugly game produced more of the same: Not enough big plays, but a costly interception and another fumble, giving the streaky second-year passer seven turnovers in just four games. Coach Rex Ryan declared Smith his starter for Week 5 even after the on-edge quarterback yelled an expletive at a fan as he walked off the field -- something Smith later apologized for.

"It's frustrating," Richardson said. "You cheer for him when he throws a touchdown, but you were talking about how you wanted (backup Michael) Vick the whole game. It happens. But he's got to keep his composure, no matter how frustrating it gets."

Smith remains a work in progress, but the Jets are wise to keep him installed as the starter. After rigidly calling him their quarterback of the future all spring and summer, little is to be gained by jumping ship on Geno less than a month into the season.

That's our take and, for now, Rex Ryan agrees.

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