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Sheldon Richardson slights Brandon Marshall again

Like the waning seasons of your once-favorite premium television series, the one-sided feud between former Jets teammates Sheldon Richardson and Brandon Marshall is limping to a forgettable end.

Richardson, who has taken a few veiled shots at Marshall so far this offseason went on ESPN radio Tuesday and spelled out his dislike for Marshall in the most concrete terms thus far.

Here's the entire diatribe, as transcribed by

"Guys didn't address the situation at hand that needed to be addressed to him because of who he was as far as media perspective wise, and how guys kinda carried him on the team a little bit.

"That whole situation was sticky because we lose and he did little things that were drama queenish. Dogging out this guy, that guy. It's everybody's fault except his. And there's a reason this, a reason that, and everybody pointing the finger when you losing, and then no one wants to say something to him. Then I say something to him, and I'm the criminal, the bad guy, and the media just ran with it.

"That man knows what he did to the locker room a little bit. And I was the one who addressed that. And still will address it to this day. So if he can't come out to the media and tell them what he did and how he actually quit on this team well before the season was over, well that's all in itself."

On one hand, I applaud Richardson for continuing to answer the questions. Radio personalities have deemed this feud good for business and intend on asking Richardson about it at every possible turn. Richardson could easily do what plenty do in his situation -- back down, say he's done talking about it and walk away.

On the other hand, if Richardson continues to vaguely dress down Marshall for some kind of locker room incident or incidents, he might as well just come out with the entire story. If Richardson is worried about violating the locker-room code, it seems like he's already gotten close enough to airing out the team's dirty laundry. Some people might even agree with him.

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