Sheldon Richardson: Jets 'licking our chops' for Pats

Star Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson finally returned to action on Sunday, logging a sack in a dominant win over the Redskins at MetLife Stadium.

Then, he returned to his role as confident mouthpiece just in time for the Jets to take on the Patriotsthis Sunday in Foxborough.

"He's run this division for a while so I am kind of happy we get next," Richardson said, via "We're getting after it."

He added: "I mean, they are the Super Bowl champions. Just leave it at that. You know, licking our chops."

When it comes to pre-Patriots trash talk, forgive us if we're a little apathetic. Less than 24 hours ago, we watched the Patriots make quick work of the team that was supposed to steal the AFC away from them this season, the team that has the best young quarterback in football.

The Jets have arguably the best defense in football and have, with a similar scheme, confounded Tom Brady in the past. But are we ready to take Richardson and the Jets seriously enough to get excited about the latest incarnation of this matchup?

In my mind, the Patriots would have to be swept by a divisional opponent in pretty convincing fashion for any talk of another team "getting next" to hold any footing.

In fact, the Patriots have only lost to divisional opponents twice in the same season two times since Bill Belichick arrived in 2000: Once to the Jets in 2000 and again to the Jets in 2010, though it technically took Rex Ryan three tries (the second win came in the playoffs).

That 2010 season was the closest it ever felt to a divisional changing of the guard and even then the Patriots were just gearing up for a reload around their current incarnation, which features a dominant and versatile defense on top of a maddening possession passing game.

So as much as we're all licking our chops for a different team atop the division, it doesn't feel like the time is right. Perhaps the Jets can prove us wrong this time.

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