Sergio Brown wants to boot Rob Gronkowski from club

When the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts met in Week 11 more than just a blowout occurred. Rob Gronkowski also hoisted safety Sergio Brown from the field of play during a touchdown run -- a play that received a penalty flag.

After the game Gronk said -- as only Gronk could -- he "threw him out of the club" after Brown was "yappin' " the whole game. The Patriots tight end was fined for the penalty.

The comment led to Brown regrettably tweeting about how he had "put straps" on Gronk prior to that point.

In advance of Sunday's all-important AFC Championship matchup, Brown clarified his thoughts on being escorted from the field of play in November.

"I mean, it was a tough play. It was a hard play. I mean, I'm not mad about it. I was more mad about him saying he 'threw me out of the club' after the game. We just lost. Aw, you're pissed off," Brown said this week, per "It's football. I know Gronk. He knows me, and, I mean, I play tough, too."

This time Brown would like to return the favor and toss Gronk out of the club.

"Of course I would," he said. "But you know it's just football. I'm and aggressive football player and I would like to play well."

Gronk is the keystone to the Patriots' success this season. New England is 11-1 this season when the tight end has 40-plus receiving yards -- including the postseason -- and just 2-2 when held to 40 or fewer (0-1 in games he missed).

If Brown and his fellow Colt defensive counterparts can slow down Gronk's consumption -- even if they can't completely kick him out of the metaphorical club -- Indy's odds of pulling off the huge road upset increase dramatically.

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