Sergio Brown on Gronk: 'I put straps on that boy'

Rob Gronkowski thought Sergio Brown was talking too much on Sunday night, so he blocked the Colts safety into another dimension.

The Patriots tight end later told NBC that Brown's incessant "yappin'" during the Patriots' 42-20 win led to his decision to throw Brown "out of the club."

We're sure Brown woke up cranky, and his mood couldn't have been helped by the four million stories glorifying his date with the camera truck. One example: "Gronk Ruins Sergio Brown's Life, Takes Penalty."

On Monday, Brown used his Twitter account to offer a retort to Gronk, whom Brown says he "put the straps on" in pass coverage during the game. Brown quickly deleted his tweets, but the web is a resourceful beast.

It's probably in Sergio Brown's best interest that the Colts don't see the Patriots again this season. For more reasons than one.

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