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Select few have top talent at three offensive skill positions

Over the course of the past few weeks, Pat Kirwan has compiled lists for the top quarterbacks, running backs and receivers in the game. Only four teams had players ranked among the top 15 at each of the three positions:


Running back Michael Turner and receiver Roddy White are both in the top five at their positions, and Matt Ryan is in the top 10 at quarterback.

Michael Turner: A solid workhorse who finished third in the league in rushing and tied for fourth in rushing touchdowns. The Falcons' passing game creates conflicts for defenses, and Turner will benefit from a high number of run audibles against two-high safeties. He could have a big year.

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Roddy White: He has 200 receptions and 21 touchdowns over the past two seasons.

Matt Ryan: A rising star with 66 touchdown passes and just 34 interceptions in his first three years.


The Texans are represented by running back Arian Foster and wide receiver Andre Johnson in the top five at their positions. Matt Schaub comes in among the top 15 quarterbacks.

Arian Foster: A rising star who did it all in his first season as a starter, finishing first in rushing yards and second in runs of more than 10 yards.

Andre Johnson: He has 187 receptions and 17 touchdowns the last two seasons.

Matt Schaub: Probably belongs in the top 10, but winning has to be part of the equation to move up. He threw for 4,370 yards and 24 touchdowns last season.


The Eagles have a player slotted in the top 10 at all three positions.

Michael Vick: He turned his life around and not only recaptured his career, but has improved as a quarterback.

LeSean McCoy: McCoy led the NFL in receptions (78) among running backs and was fourth in yards from scrimmage. He's on his way to big things.

DeSean Jackson: He's a big play waiting to happen and one of only two receivers with a 20-yard average over the past two seasons (Steelers wideout Mike Wallace is the other). He also has 20 total touchdowns in that span.


Quarterback Eli Manning made the top 10, and running back Ahmad Bradshaw and wide receiver Hakeem Nicks each rank in the top 15.

Eli Manning: He appears to be underrated with 4,000-plus passing yards while ranking fourth in touchdown passes (31).

Ahmad Bradshaw: He's an explosive back and a threat as a receiver. He moved into the feature role last season ahead of Brandon Jacobs and had a ratio of 1:8 in 10-yard runs per attempt. He could be a free agent this year.

Hakeem Nicks: The sky is the limit for this kid after posting 126 receptions and 17 touchdowns in his first two seasons.

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