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Seattle Seahawks to unleash Nike 'Wolf Grey' uniforms


When Nike signed its five-year exclusive deal with the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks volunteered themselves for a vast re-imagining of their home and away jerseys.

The fun extends to their alternate duds -- the head-to-toe 'Wolf Grey' look -- set to be unveiled in Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills in Toronto.

Not everyone's a fan of Nike's work, but bean counters on the Seahawks' official website indicate merchandise sales are up 274 percent at the team's two retail locations and online. The Seahawks are moving units, and the world is a beautiful place -- but not everyone has fallen in love.

We went to's official Uniform Monitor, Dave Dameshek, for the final word on the Wolf Grey getups.

"Congratulations, Seahawks," Dameshek said. "You've turned the color grey, normally associated with being boring, into being viscerally nauseating. Shame on you. Jim Zorn and I are disgusted by this."

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