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Seattle Seahawks have NFL's lightest roster

Figures released by the NFL on Wednesday reveal the world-champion Seattle Seahawks to be one of the league's youngest teams. They're also the lightest.

A league press release listed Seattle's roster with an average weight of 242.26 pounds, a lower figure than 31 other squads and far below the Indianapolis Colts, the NFL's heaviest team at an average 252.26 pounds.

Seattle loves its tall corners, but the offensive side of the ball is stocked with lighter players who bring a speed element to the attack.

As Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times notes, the far more encouraging stat for the Seahawks is their youth. Tied for the third-lowest average age in the NFL, Seattle has just three players -- Tarvaris Jackson, Jon Ryan and Kevin Williams -- at age 30 or above. Teams around the league, meanwhile, average 8.29 players at 30-plus.

Bad news for the NFC West: The 'Hawks are light, they're young and they aren't going away.

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