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Seattle Seahawks Coffee-Cured Salmon Sandwiches

Coffee-Cured Salmon, Fried Egg, Avocado and Cream Cheese Sandwiches

 By Chef Jeff Mahin 

Yield: 4-5 sandwiches


For the Coffee-Cure:

4 Tbs. Fresh ground coffee

1/3 cup Kosher salt

2 Tbs. Granulated sugar

2 Tbs. Light brown sugar

1 tsp. Dried chili flakes

1 Tbs. Lemon zest

1.5 lbs. Salmon filet, skin on, bone out center cut (Note: a fishmonger can arrange for this to be cut and cleaned)

For the Sandwich:

1 Tbs. Cream cheese (or mayonnaise)

4-5 slices Coffee-cured salmon

1 leaf each Bibb lettuce

1-2 each Slice of ripe tomato (Note: season with salt

1/4 each Avocado (sliced thin)

1 each Fried egg

1 each English muffin (sliced in half, toasted)


The Fish

  1. In a bowl, mix all of the dried ingredients well (note: for even better results, pulse them in a small coffee or spice grinder).
  1. Sprinkle a third of the mix onto the bottom of a small baking dish with 2-inch high walls. The dish should just fit the salmon, not too big/ not too small.
  1. Pat the salmon dry with a clean paper towel, and place it salmon skin side down on top of sprinkled cured mix. Sprinkle the remaining cure on top of the salmon.
  1. Cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate and allow to cure for 10-12 hours max
  1. Remove the salmon from the cure mix and carefully run under cold water -- just enough to rinse off any remaining salt/coffee/sugar. (Be gentle.)
  1. Pat the salmon dry once more. Place it on a clean cutting board. Slice the salmon on a bias as thin as possible. (Note: do not cut through the skin, the salmon will come off the skin. Once you hit the skin with the knife cut out ward and the salmon flesh will come off and the salmon skin will remain on the board.)

To Serve:

  1. Smear the cream cheese on to the bottom part of the English muffin, followed by the salmon, then lettuce, tomato, avocado and fried egg.
  1. Place the remaining toasted top onto the sandwich. Eat.


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