Sean Payton on 'Skol' clap: 'It was good playoff fun'

Sean Payton felt great after the New Orleans Saints took the lead Sunday with under 30 seconds left in their Divisional Round tilt versus the Minnesota Vikings.

The coach took a moment to celebrate, turning to Vikings fans behind the Saints' bench to mock Minnesota's "Skol" chant.

Payton's taunt came before the Vikings made their miracle comeback.

Payton was asked about the gesture on Tuesday.

"There was just a group of fans. It was good playoff fun," he said.

Those Vikings fans got the last laugh after Stefon Diggs scored a 61-yard touchdown at the buzzer to win 29-24.

It wasn't the first time this season Payton made a gesture towards an opponent or fans. Late in a fourth-quarter tilt versus rival Atlanta Falcons in Week 14, the coach was caught making a choking sign towards running back Devonta Freeman. A few weeks later Payton said he let his emotions "get the best of me."

Sunday's taunt was much less benign, but in both instances Payton's team ended up losing after an emotion-filled gesture.

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