Sean Pamphlion says Brees, NFLPA knew of Williams tape

NEW ORLEANS -- A documentary filmmaker says in a long website post that Drew Brees, Scott Fujita and the NFL Players Association knew about his recording of a vicious motivational speech by ex-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams before it was released.

Sean Pamphlion says the players sought to influence when the recording was made public.

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Pamphilon was working on a film with ALS-afflicted former Saint Steve Gleason when he recorded Williams the night before a Saints playoff game at San Francisco last January. Among other comments, the coach could be heard urging players to target an opponent with a history of concussions.

Gleason has said he opposed releasing the speech because he did not want to violate the trust of the Saints. Pamphilon has taken heavy public criticism for acting against Gleason's wishes.

Pamphilon released the audio during the NFL's investigation of the bounty system Williams ran in New Orleans.

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