Seahawks trade up to select punter Michael Dickson

The first kicking specialist is off the board.

The Seahawks traded up with the Broncos to select punter Michael Dickson with the No. 149 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Denver will receive picks Nos. 156 and 226 as compensation.

Dickson was named MVP of the Texas Bowl after one of the best single-game punting performances in recent college history. A master of the coffin corner, he punted 11 times for 452 yards, landing a whopping 10 of those kicks inside Mizzou's 15-yard line with zero touchbacks.

Although the native Australian finished his Longhorns career with a school-record 45.3 average, scouts have expressed concerns about his punting style in which he turns the ball slightly sideways before swinging his leg.

"He probably has the most upside but also the lowest floor," one coach told "He will take a ton of refinement, but you may have a Pro Bowl punter for a long time."

The drafting of Dickson calls into question the future of 36-year-old Jon Ryan, the most accomplished punter in Seahawks history.

The punting fun didn't end with the Seahawks. The Packers and Raiders went back-to-back on punters in the sixth round (pick 172 and 173), marking the first time punters were drafted consecutively since 1982.

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