Seahawks' Russell Wilson is No. 1 in NFL jersey sales

During our sojourn to Seattle for the NFL's kickoff game last month, I made a game attempt to tally up and rank Seahawks jerseys worn about town by locals.

My highly unscientific study concluded that Richard Sherman's No. 25 was the most popular in the city. Russell Wilson's No. 3 jersey was the second-most popular, not far ahead of the Fan No. 12 jersey (which, truth be told, is probably the most sound financial investment of the bunch).

On Monday, the NFL Players Association released its player sales figures for June 1 through Aug. 31. Based on this actual data, Wilson has Sherman beat.

Wilson reclaimed the sales throne temporarily wrested away by Johnny Manziel, who set the jersey game on fire before becoming entrenched as a clipboard man in Ohio. Wilson was the top seller in both Nike game jerseys and Nike T-shirts. Translation in newspaper headline terms: Super Bowl-Winning Pro Quarterback In Pacific Northwest Is Beloved.

The top 10 list:

A few takeaways:

» Sherman just missed the top 10, finishing one spot behind Watt. Expect a social-media rant of some kind to come of this.

»Darren McFadden is listed at No. 42, which is both a testament to the loyalty of Raiders fans and a glowing indicator Oakland fans haven't been given an alternate "marquee" player to rep in years.

» We all know Tony Romo is the NFL's most polarizing player. You have to love the symmetry of the Cowboys quarterback coming in at No. 25 in sales, smack dab in the middle.

»Peyton Manning is the top seller of Fatheads, which makes sense on multiple levels. The top bobblehead seller is Eddie Lacy, which is kind of strange.

»Brandon Marshall's ascension to Media Darling Status appears to have lifted his profile. He jumped from No. 31 to No. 13, making him the biggest leaper in the Top 50.

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