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Seahawks playing with care at QB position

John Schneider, the general manager of the Seattle Seahawks, says the team will take a measured approach at the quarterback position.

"I've been blessed to be around a lot of really good quarterback people that have taught me a lot about the position," John Schneider, Seattle's general manager, told the team's official site. "So I just kind of incorporate that with the quarterbacks I've been around. ... I just know if you panic at the position, it can set the organization back. So we're not going to do that."

With Tarvaris Jackson at starter, Charlie Whitehurst set to become an unrestricted free agent, and Josh Portis waiting in the wings, the team isn't exactly loaded with signal-callers. Still, don't expect a dramatic move, just for the sake of making one.

"That may disappoint fans, because they want to see an instant guy and have that instant success," Schneider said. "But really, you're better off continuing to build your team. Initially, when I got here, I thought we were going to plug the quarterback in and we were going build around him.

"If we had done that, we would have panicked in a way. And I'm not sure we would have been able to host the Saints (in the 2010 wild-card) and had that great atmosphere and all that."

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