Seahawks open to bringing back Marshawn Lynch in '15

The Seahawks entered the year viewing it as Marshawn Lynch's final season in Seattle. Into November that sentiment didn't change.

However, we finally have our twist.

Ian Rapoport reported on NFL Network's NFL GameDay Morning that the Seattle brass is now more than open to the possibility of bringing Lynch back at a salary of $5 million a year.

"... Mainly because he actually has outperformed his contract and clearly established himself as the identity of this team," Rapoport said. "Basically, they don't have a choice based on the way he plays to bring him back."

We've wondered throughout the season what the Seahawks would look like if they jettisoned one of the NFL's most valuable backs. Lynch accounted for 26.8 percent of the Seahawks' scrimmage yards this season (fifth-highest percent in NFL) and 39.0 percent of the offensive touches. (317 of 812 total).

Beast Mode is the identity of the Seahawks' offense.

Give John Schneider and Pete Carroll credit for recognizing that fact and planning to make things work, even if it messes with their prearranged payroll structure.

Of course the drama surrounding Lynch doesn't cease.

On Fox's pregame show Sunday, Jay Glazer reported that Lynch wanted to wear non-approved gold cleats in the NFC Championship Game. The NFL then threatened to eject the running back from the game if he wore them. Lynch wound up on the field in green shoes.

Given all the drama of the past few years, Lynch could always choose to leave of his own volition.

"The other thing is they could win the Super Bowl, and Lynch has told people privately, if they do, there's a good possibility he simply walks into the sunset, probably knowing Lynch, without uttering a word," Rapoport said.

The Seahawks are only one win away from that possibility.

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