Seahawks obsessed with stopping Rob Gronkowski

PHOENIX -- The Seahawks understand that shutting down Rob Gronkowski is a Herculean task, but they are obsessed with limiting the All-Pro tight end's impact in Super Bowl XLIX.

Coach Pete Carroll revealed Monday that he spent part of the day watching cut-ups of Gronkowski, searching for any keys that would help his players slow down the Patriots star.

"He really has all of the elements that you're looking for from a big-time tight end," Carroll said, "every aspect of it."

Carroll believes the Seahawks match up well with Gronkowski because outside linebackers K.J. Wright and Bruce Irvin are "pretty tall and long" and Kam Chancellor is "about as big a strong safety as you can find."

Joining Carroll at Monday's press conference, Wright and Bobby Wagner each emphasized Gronkowski's physicality and the need to respond in kind.

The Seahawks acknowledge that Tom Brady will succeed in getting the ball to Gronkowski on Sunday, but the goal is to prevent the duo from controlling the game.

"Our best against their best," Wright said. "Of course I've got my money on Kam. He's an All-Pro, he's the captain of our defense. I expect him to win every battle."

That clash of the titans will be the most riveting matchup to watch in the biggest game of the season.

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