Seahawks' kicker 'mishit' ball to start OT vs. Rams

The 2015 season didn't kick off how the Seattle Seahawks planned.

To open overtime against the St. Louis Rams, Pete Carroll's team appeared to try a surprise onside kick. In actuality it was just one of the worst hit kicks in memory.

"That's not what was supposed to happen there," Carroll said, via "We were kicking the ball in a certain area of the field. We didn't hit it right. We just missed it ... we didn't execute the kick right. That's all. Simple as that."

Players said the goal was to recover the kick, but it was supposed to travel farther down field.

"I mishit that kick," Steven Hauschka said of the botched boot that traveled just 14 yards. "We were supposed to kick it downfield farther than that. I mishit it. So I take responsibility on that."

Despite the missed kick, the Seahawks still had a chance to tie or take the lead at the end, but Marshawn Lynch was stuffed on fourth-and-short, ending the 34-31 bout. But, hey, at least Seattle ran the ball in that situation, right?

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