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Seahawks fantasy question: Can you trust the team's backfield?

Seahawks fantasy question:Can fantasy owners trust anyone in the team's backfield?

Trusting the Seahawks' backfield is akin to trusting Ben Stiller to ever make a funny movie again.

And like the latest Stiller vehicle, you want to like RB Julius Jones and QB Matt Hasselbeck (considering the quarterback as part of the backfield) because they have produced hits in the past. But you're better off looking for other options.

Seahawks' top 5 fantasy players

  1. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  1. John Carlson
  2. Julius Jones
  1. Matt Hasselbeck
  2. Deion Branch

Sleeper:Nate Burleson

-- Michael Fabiano

The Seahawks signed Jones prior to last season to be their top running back, but they didn't get much bang for their 16 million bucks. Jones wasn't able to unseat Maurice Morris and finished the season with just 698 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Morris is with the Detroit Lions now, but the Seahawks brought in T.J. Duckett last year, and he figures to receive the bulk of goal-line carries, further diminishing Jones' fantasy value.

Not even the presence of run-heavy offensive coordinator Greg Knapp inspires much confidence here -- especially after he spent two seasons in the NFL abyss known as the Oakland Raiders.

True, the Raiders finished No. 10 in the NFL in total rushing in 2008 (what was their other option?), but they failed to produce a true fantasy stud in the backfield. Expect more of the same in Seattle.

Hasselbeck is believed to be fully healed from back and knee injuries that limited him to just seven games last season. And there is no reason to believe that a back injury would linger for a guy who turns 34 in September. If you believe that, I have a Zoolander 2 script to sell you.

Hasselbeck would have to make a Mickey Rourke-type of comeback to have any fantasy value. However, he will be helped by T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who gives the Seahawks a valuable commodity they haven't had in the past -- a wide receiver who can catch a pass and stay healthy.

Hasselbeck does have some intrigue as a backup quarterback in most fantasy formats. Also, the NFC West doesn't figure to be one of the league's finest, and some believe that Seattle can regain its spot atop the division. But you'd be advise to proceed with caution. Look for Seahawks bargains at matinee prices.

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