Seahawks excited by WR DK Metcalf's versatility

DK Metcalf's first NFL season was a breakout one for him, but the Seattle Seahawks think he's only scratched the surface of his potential.

As all 32 teams navigate this unprecedented offseason amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seahawks have had time to evaluate where they are as a team. There's shared excitement among all of their staffers about what they might be able to do with Metcalf in 2020.

"The No. 1 thing that we know is that we can move him around and do different things with him," Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said, via NBC Sports Northwest. "He kind of got stuck at the 'X' receiver last year. This year we know we can move him around quite a bit more. There are so many more routes he can run. He's proven he can get behind people.

"I just think the flexibility of moving him around and introducing some different route concepts that we can kind of get him up to speed on that will complement the things that he's already put on film. It will be an incredible, incredible advantage for us as we head into next season."

Metcalf's big-play ability was on full display in Seattle's wild-card win over Philadelphia, but it doesn't take all that much combing through other games from 2019 to see how much Metcalf could help in other areas. His blend of size and speed has the potential to be molded into a multi-talented weapon, especially one that complements the ability of Tyler Lockett, if Metcalf can better his hands. Just imagine the potential mismatches created by moving Metcalf to face an undersized defensive back.

With Russell Wilson throwing him the ball, it seems likely Metcalf will only improve. Add in increased opportunities from a boost in the number of roles he might be able to play at any given time, and we might end up watching him blossom into the next great big-bodied wideout in the NFL.

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