Seahawks CB: I woke up from surgery before Butler INT

Jeremy Lane returned to practice for the Seattle Seahawks on Wednesday, his first on-field action since a Super Bowl highlight play turned into a career crisis point.

Lane's final play of the 2014 season was an end zone interception of Tom Brady late in the first quarter of Super Bowl XLIX. Lane made the decision -- a catastrophically poor one in hindsight -- to run the ball out of end zone and was cut down with a low tackle by Julian Edelman on the sideline. In the resulting spill, Lane suffered a broken arm and a torn ACL.

The arm injury was serious enough that Lane was transported to the hospital for immediate surgery. On Wednesday, he revealed he woke up from sedation just in time to see the Seahawks' chance at a repeat go up in flames.

"I woke up, we were on the 1-yard line," Lane said Thursday, per the News Tribune. "Enough said."

Lane went back to sleep immediately after. Many Seahawks player recall Malcolm Butler's interception as a sort of nightmare, but Lane is the only guy who can actually say he believed that to be the case.

Lane, the Seahawks' top slot corner, also revealed he wasn't aware his ACL was torn until a month after the Super Bowl. His recovery from arm surgery was also complicated by an infection caused by the turf at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Thursday the team is "still trying to figure out" if Lane will make his debut on Sunday against the Cardinals.

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