Scout vs. Scout: Which DE will be better pro, Dodd or Lawson?

Each week on "Mock Draft Live", NFL Media analysts Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah -- two former NFL scouts -- debate hot-button topics for the 2016 NFL Draft. This week, "make-believe GM" Matt "Money" Smith would like to know which Clemson defensive end will have a better NFL career, Kevin Dodd or Shaq Lawson. The two scouts pick their favorite and state their cases.

Brooks' choice: Lawson

Lawson is a natural pass rusher. He sets the edge and does a great job playing in the opponents' backfield. He led the country in tackles for loss (25.5). He also had 12.5 sacks in 2015, so you see the disruptive potential and sack production. Lawson will be a disruptive pass rusher for a long time.

There's value in a proven product, which Lawson is. We've seen his production at Clemson. We've seen his edge-rushing skills. He'll be able to do that in the pros right away.

Jeremiah's choice: Dodd

The numbers of Dodd and Lawson from last season are almost identical (Dodd had 12 sacks and 23.5 tackles for loss in 2015). Go watch him play in the national championship game against Alabama, against whom he had five tackles for loss and three sacks. Dodd just continues to get better. He doesn't have that football background growing up, so it's all in front of Dodd.

With Lawson, what you see is what you get. Where's the room for improvement? I think Lawson is a very good player, but he is what he is. Dodd's just scratching the surface.

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