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Scott defends Ryan's comments, wants more noise at home

Rex Ryan thinks the New York Jets need to develop a better home-field advantage in the second season at MetLife Stadium. Linebacker Bart Scott couldn't agree more, and he has some suggestions on how fans can help.

"I think the last stadium was a lot louder and maybe some of the die-hard fans can't afford tickets any more," Scott told the New York Daily News in Friday's edition. "We have to challenge the people that's in the stadium now to get off their iPads and tweets and represent the stadium and get loud and make it a home-field advantage for us."

Ryan was criticized this week for his opinion on Cowboys fans populating the stadium for Sunday night's season opener between New York and Dallas.

"I don't know why they'd be here. They're coming into our stadium," Ryan said. "It's probably not recommended that you wear Cowboys stuff, I would think."

Ryan was later compelled to clarify when it was suggested his comments could be construed as helping to foster a dangerous environment for fans of "America's Team."

"Obviously, if it was taken that way, it certainly wasn't my intention to be taken that way," Ryan said. "Either way, I certainly didn't mean it to come out like that if that was the way it was taken."

Scott understood the point his coach was trying to make.

"Would you expect him to want to see Cowboys fans in the jerseys?" Scott said. "I don't think anybody would want that to happen. It's kind of like, you see Pittsburgh fans all over. At some point, it's your fans that's allowing them to get those tickets or some people selling their tickets. If you are true fans, your loyalty should lie with your team, not with Dallas."

The Jets went 5-3 at home in 2010. They are an underwhelming 40-32 at the Meadowlands since 2002, despite five trips to the postseason during that span.

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