Scot McCloughan: Let's build around our quarterbacks

Since Scot McCloughan arrived in Washington, everyone has been trying to pin him down on the quarterback situation.

But as he departs for a pair of college All-Star games this week, he'll do so with a pretty novel concept in mind: Focusing on the other 21 positions.

"We're going to take good football players and it's not just about the quarterback," McCloughan told CSN Washington. "We're going to take offensive linemen and tight ends, maybe another receiver and running back to surround those guys and help them be successful."

It doesn't seem like giving up on Robert Griffin III is in McCloughan's immediate plans, although he didn't seem to be leaning any particular way. As of this week, he said he hadn't watched all of Washington's games from 2014.

"You know, I withhold judgment, I just know this: When I did Robert coming out and even when I did Colt coming out and Kurt, I liked them all from the standpoint that they were winners," McCloughan said. "And that's bottom line when it's said and done for a quarterback. But some injuries have plagued people and that happens, but hopefully we can get the ship righted and hopefully all three of them are here helping us win games."

But his over-arching point makes sense. Griffin III has proven he can win games, and McCloughan has shown an incredible ability to build talent around a quarterback. Though we cannot be certain what exactly his contributions were in Seattle, the Seahawks are a perfect example of a team that complements a passer.

He won't be able to do it in one draft, but he sounds like an executive ready to climb that mountain.

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