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Scandrick on schooling kid: Got to work on your craft

On Wednesday, we brought you the amusing story of cornerback Orlando Scandrick's no-mercy approach to playing Madden during an event at a Dallas children's hospital.

Scandrick's Cowboys teammate Justin Durant thought it was funny that Scandrick was calling an onside kick while ahead, and going for two-point conversions. As ridiculous as that story was, Scandrick's explanation of his tactics Thursday was even better.

"Nothing is going to be given to you, so I don't think I should have gave him anything," Scandrick told on Thursday, speaking of his nine-year-old opponent. "I made him better if anything. I wasn't teaching any lessons, but when you play a competitive game, you've got to expect to be competitive. If they didn't want you to go for two and to kick onside kicks, it wouldn't be on the game."

Unlike one famous Make-A-Wish request gone wrong, Scandrick didn't talk trash to the kid. But Scandrick is not about to waste precious time playing Madden. The matchup was another building block on the way to world Madden domination.

"You've got to work your craft," Scandrick said. "You've got to work your stuff. I might need it in a different 'Madden' game. I need to know how to do it. Sometimes you might be playing an intense Madden game and you might need to steal a possession. Sometimes you might not be able to stop the other team or it might be hard for you to score points, so I had to see if I still had my onside kick.

"I wanted to see if my two-point plays were good enough in a heated game. You've got to try them sometime. You don't have a practice for 'Madden,' so you have to practice when you get up.

*And then the kicker ... *

"It was all in fun, though."

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